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 The Market is Turning!

One of the first questions I get asked as a Realtor, whether a client is looking to sell or to buy, is: "What is going on in the Real Estate market?"  Buyers ask: "Are home prices still declining? Should I buy now? Should I wait to get a better deal?"  Sellers ask: "Are people buying? How long will my house take to sell? Will I have to make price cuts to sell it?"

The answer to these questions has been very difficult over the past four years as home prices have steadily declined and there was plenty of uncertianity in the Real Estate market.  However:


2012 brought well needed relief with: 

Price Stabilization and Increasing Demand.



 A Basic Economic Truth:

" As Demand Increases,  Increasing Prices Soon Follow "



 Graphs and summary courtesy of "Banker and Tradesman" Jan. 2013 to read the full article:

2012 Mass. Home Sales Highest in Six Years



Is it Time to BUY? ---YES! Is it Time to SELL? --- YES!

Now is the time to buy

  • Prices are at a low and will only be increasing over the next year/years to come.
  • Interest rates are at an all time low significantly reducing monthly mortgage payments.( This will not last )
  • The Market is turning! Don't miss the turn!
  • Take advantage of low home prices and interest rates while you can.

If you need to sell:

  • Now is a much more stable time to sell.
  • The days a house is "On Market" is steadily declining.( Houses are selling quicker )
  • The increasing market demand has stablized prices and they are  climbing.
  • If you are selling to "trade up and buy" pricing is relative. You'll be buying at low prices and record low interest rates.


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