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In my Experience, clients who are selling there homes are looking for one thing, INFORMATION. Some have never sold a home before and need details about how the process works. Other are looking for input on the marketablility of there home and what they need to do to prepare it for sale. All are interested in the current local real estate market and the value of there home and homes in their area.


I pride myself on a "No Pressure," consultative approach to the home selling process, and to that end, I offer two distict services:


I Offer My Clients a FREE, Pre-listing Consultation

This is an informal, no pressure, consultative, pre-listing walk through of your home. There are many no cost/ low cost steps that can be taken to increase your home's "curb appeal" and "showability". Many of my clients  find this extremely helpful when preparing their home for sale.


This is also HIGHLY suggested if your planning repair$ or upgrade$ before sale.


Some repairs and improvements can be helpful, MANY are not necessary. My work with home buyers gives me a unique perspective on what they are looking for. Remember: This is an Informal, No Pressure ( No Contracts / No "Sales Pitch") walk through your home to help you get started.


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I offer my clients a FREE, Comparative Market Analysis

If your ready to list your home then you need a Comparative Market Analysis. A CMA is a detailed report of ALL the homes currently listed as well as sold in your specific area. I also include a "Technical Price Analysis" which consistantly "pin pionts" the market value of your home.


This is a statistical analysis done by me that you will find NO WHERE ELSE!

 A MUST SEE if you want to get the most value for your home.

The process of listing your home is very straight forward. Click on the link below, enter the home information requested. I will call with questions, and set a time for us to sit down and review your CMA and technical price analysis. Then we will move to the next step in the home selling process.


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As always, Call with ANY questions, comments, or concerns:

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